Ladies and some gents, click this link to see a lovely photo of Channing Tatum. Oh yea, he also confirms that he’s working on a Magic Mike sequel. Cute.

It’s weird that I don’t have a crush on Channing Tatum and I don’t desire him or want him and he doesn’t make my heart flutter yet I still think he is a good looking guy.

Anyways, YES there will be a Magic Mike sequel and I’m wondering what the heck will be in the storyline.


Seriously, I’m about to spoil the ending of the movie for you.

It seemed clear to me at the end of the movie that Mike and Brooke were going to pursue something. Dating, relationship, bed buddy…it would’ve turned into something. Also, the Xquisite strip club was moving from lowly Tampa to the big lights of Miami, but Mike decided to stay in Tampa and quit stripping.

I think the sequel will work in one of these ways:

1) Mike sucks up his pride and goes to strip in Miami. Drama will ensue with Dallas but they’ll hash it out and build up a huge following. Then Mike will earn back the thousands of dollars that he gave up to pay Adam’s debt to the drug dealers.

2) Mike starts stripping at another club in Tampa. Or maybe he somehow becomes a part owner- I haven’t hashed this out very well. But he pulls together a whole new team of hot dancers and he builds up a new club to replace the void left by Xquisite.

Either way, I’d suggest that at the very least, don’t bring back Alex Pettyfer and Kevin Nash. Nash is a horrible dancer. Just cringe-worthy. And, he’s not hot.

Alex’s character needs a fresh shave and a haircut. I was very disappointed to see him look scraggly and caveman-like during the whole movie.

Personally, I’d like to see a whole new set of chiseled, sexy guys in the sequel, led by Channing Tatum. I can’t wait to see how this plays out!

Thank you, Entertainment Weekly. Thank you.


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