I have a lot of friends who know that I enjoy watching WWE on TV, and they love telling me that WWE isn’t a sport, it’s fake, and they don’t understand why I watch it.

For those few people who hate WWE (for whatever reason), there’s clearly millions of people John Cena WWEaround the world who attend the wrestling events. Within those millions of people, there are children who ask the Make-A-Wish foundation to help them meet their favorite WWE wrestler.

John Cena is the runaway favorite for wish requests. He never turns down a wish, and that’s why earlier this week he granted a record 300th request for 7-year old Jonny Littman in Pennsylvania.

I think this is awesome news! I don’t care if adults don’t like the WWE – it’s not made for them anyways. But I personally grew up watching the WWF and WCW and I have very fond memories of watching these wrestlers throw each other across the ring and dragging their drama from city to city every week. I completely understand why children are drawn to wrestlers.

Cena hopes to grant 1,000 wishes. He has a long way to go, and I’ll cheer him along inside and outside of the ring.


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