FYI: no spoilers!

Cast: Kerry Washington, Columbus Short, Tony Goldwyn, Guillermo Diaz, Katie Lowes, Henry Ian Cusick, Darby Stanchfield
Writer and Producer: Shonda Rhimes

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope

Credit: ABC Richard Cartwright

I read good reviews about Scandal throughout its first season run, but I never watched an episode because I was afraid it would get canceled. New series have to be successful immediately, and I didn’t want to get attached to a show that wasn’t going to make it. Let’s also remember that good reviews doesn’t mean a show will avoid the ax. Arrested Development, anyone?

Once ABC confirmed it was picking up Scandal for a second season, I decided to dive into the 7 episodes of the first season. I’m glad I finally watched them, because this show is amazing!

The show revolves around Olivia Pope and her crisis management firm, Pope & Associates. When a prominent public figure is embroiled in a scandal, Olivia is hired to squash the issue before it reaches the public and destroys their reputation.

Each episode features a different scandal that Olivia and her team solves by the end of the episode. However, there’s a much more interesting scandal that plays out throughout the course of the season, and it involves Olivia and her past ties to the White House, when she worked as the White House Communications Director for President Fitzgerald Grant.

(L to R: Guillermo Diaz, Darby Stanchfield, and Kerry Washington in Scandal) Credit: Danny Feld/ABC

The cast gives great performances- especially when each character’s past is revealed. We see how troubled each team member is, and how Olivia gave them a chance to join her firm and turn their lives around. I think Columbus Short and Guillermo Diaz give the strongest performances, but overall everyone is a joy to watch.

If I had to reveal one flaw with the show, it’s mini-tangents that Olivia would deliver to her clients when they were hesitant to do things her way. She gets a bit long winded, and I wonder how many sentences she can blurt out before she has to take a breath of air. I know she has to move fast to keep her clients’ secrets from coming out, but it still gets a bit annoying. This is a nitpicky thing, though, because the show is very fast paced and I enjoyed watching it.

The full episodes are available on-line at ABC and Go watch them!


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