Running time: 1 hour, 22 minutes
Cast: Selma Blair, Giovanni Ribisi, Amy Smart, Jason Lee, Beau Bridges
Director: George Gallo

Columbus Circle movie poster


I found this direct-to-DVD at Redbox recently, and since I like Selma Blair and Giovanni Ribisi I decided to pick it up. According to the box cover, this movie is about Abigail, a reclusive heiress (Blair) who is forced to come out of hiding once her elderly neighbor is murdered and a detective (Ribisi) comes around to conduct an investigation.

This turns out to be a minor piece of the movie. Abigail’s isolation is vaguely explained in a few flashbacks, and Ribisi has a pretty small role in the film. A large part of the film is dedicated to  a young married couple (Jason Lee and Amy Smart) that moves into the dead woman’s apartment and turns Abigail’s life upside down.

Overall, this movie is pretty decent. I loved the way it ended, and the acting from Selma Blair was excellent. I actually think Ms. Blair is too tough to play such a weak character, so at times I found certain actions or phrases to be out of character for Abigail.

I was a little bored at some points, and I hate to say this (but I will)…this is probably good for background noise while you’re cooking a big meal in the kitchen or doing some repetitive work.   It’s a short movie so you won’t finish watching it and then think to yourself, “I should’ve cleaned the garage instead.”



  1. Alex says:

    Might pick it up and put it on and enjoy Selma Blair while I do my cleaning 🙂
    Seriously tho, looks like some great actors but if Middle Men was anything to go by…

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