Running time: 1 hour, 35 minutes
Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Connolly, Richard Jenkins, Jesse Williams, Bradley Whitford, Anna Hutchinson
Director: Drew Goddard (directorial debut, served as writer for Cloverfield, Lost, Alias, Firefly, etc.)

The Cabin in the Woods poster

I really enjoyed this movie- it was intense, bloody, funny, and scary. Overall it has everything that horror fans love and enjoy.

The trailer is purposely vague because this is not your usual ‘horny teenagers get killed in a creepy house in the middle of nowhere’ movie. There are horny teenagers, and they do visit a creepy house, and the creepy house really is in the middle of nowhere, BUT there is so much more to this movie! I can’t even begin to elaborate because there is a twist here and I don’t want to ruin it.

Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard serve as co-writers, with Goddard making his directorial debut. Somebody give this man a beer! I think Goddard did a great job because the action in this movie is swift and crisp. You don’t see the characters flailing around and tripping over their feet and falling to the ground. This movie is efficient- nothing is over-done to death and the plot moves forward with each scene. At 1 hour and 35 minutes this is a short movie compared to the 2+ hour-epics that are released now, but this movie is very satisfying.

The Cabin in the Woods is a great movie for all horror fans, especially the ones who think the horror genre has been watered down by franchises like Saw, Final Destination, and the never-ending remakes of Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, and more. This movie is much better than recent ones that have come before it, and it wouldn’t surprise me if this becomes a cult classic.

On a sidenote, I have two words: Sigourney Weaver.

That is all. Thanks to the person who convinced her to join the cast.



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