MAY freakin’ 4TH. The Avengers. That is all.

I’m very excited to see all of these superheroes in one movie. Check out the trailer below:

It looks great! There seems to be a large focus on Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man in this trailer but the other characters are shown as well. I’m interested to see how Black Widow plays out in this movie. I love Scarlett, and I think she’s beautiful and that’s probably the only reason she’s in this movie. Let’s face it, a pretty girl is nice but everyone wants to see explosions and buildings getting knocked around and bad guys getting crushed by Hulk’s fists and Thor’s hammer.

Also, you gotta love Iron Man’s grand entrance in the trailer. Naturally he won’t just walk up to the front door, knock, and wait for someone to let him in!

Now, let’s check out the new movie poster:

Marvel The Avengers Poster


There’s a lot of destruction in the background, but none of the characters look overly worried. Captain America is looking rather giant-like, and I wish Marvel would use a different image of Black Widow. I’m pretty sure a photo of her posed in mid-stride has already made its rounds on the internet so I wish they would have used a new photo of her. I’m sure I’m being nit-picky right now.

Is it May 4th yet?!


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