Rihanna's Thug Life Tattoo

My goal is to keep celebrity foolishness away from my blog. I’ll let Perez Hilton handle that mess. But this is something I must address, and I’d like to address this directly to Rihanna.

Dear Rihanna,

Ok honey, we get it. You’ve told us for years how much of a bad girl you are, even though you have no bar fights or police arrests credited to your name. I don’t think you’ve shared any stories about drugs that you sold prior to becoming a pop star, and I’m pretty sure you have never looked down the barrel of a gun that was pointed towards your face. I’m willing to bet that you have lived a safe life without fear of injury or death. Yes, you had the Chris Brown incident but instead of whipping out a pocket knife or razor on his ass (like a bad girl would’ve done) you took those punches and then headed to the police station.

Sweetheart, the truth is simple: you’re a hot girl who likes to drink, smoke, and have sex. That doesn’t make you bad. It just makes you normal and honest. When you get into a few fist fights and accumulate a gallery of mug shots then we can debate whether or not you’re a true ‘bad’ girl.

Right now you’re just an idiot who inexplicably has ‘Thug Life’ tattooed on your fingers. Have you ever met a real thug? Do you go to the hood to get your weed or do you have an assistant go to the suburbs and buy your weed from a friendly white guy? Girl, bye!


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