Earlier this month I finally saw Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. It’s a FANTASTIC movie with lots of action that was entertaining but not overwhelming. I’m not a Jeremy Renner fan but if he keeps choosing roles like this he might win me over.

I think the Mission: Impossible franchise works so well because of Tom Cruise and his celebrity. No other actor can take over the franchise when Cruise decides to retire, because there is no actor who can match Cruise’s celebrity.

Simon Pegg and Tom Cruiser

A great example is the scene where the above photo takes place. Simon Pegg plays a geeky, tech specialist who gives Ethan Hunt these awesome gloves. Ethan needs to climb outside of the hotel room they’re in and scale the building Spiderman-style so he can access an upper level of the hotel. These gloves have suctions on the hands and wrist that will keep Ethan from falling.

Sounds crazy, right? Well, it is. This would be a terrible idea in real life. Ethan would die and the movie would be over. But Tom Cruise makes this idea seem so rational and plausible that I was waiting for him to hurry up and scurry along the outside of the building so we can keep the film moving along.

Let’s face it- Tom Cruise is a little crazy, a little eccentric, very opinionated, far removed from the plight of the “average” people, and a super famous, super celebrity. He’s jumped on couches, left one eerie marriage to enter into a creepy marriage, and he spawned a mini-robot who seems to be just as exhausting and high-maintenance as he is.

I think Tom is such a huge celebrity that it’s hard to see him in a movie and not think ‘Hey that’s Tom Cruise’. Just from my viewpoint, I always have a hard time separating the man from his character. Except in ‘Collateral.’ That was a damn good movie.

In short, I think Tom works well in the M:I movies because each movie is so over the top and so ridiculous at times that it requires some one who lives ridiculous and over the top in their real life. That pleasure goes to Tom Cruise, for good or for bad. I haven’t decided which one.


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