Spoiler alert!

Click ahead if you dare.

The season finale was amazing! Such a nice way to end the first season of this incredible show. I love Jessica Lange! Alright, let’s dive in with a super quick summary of the Dec. 21st season finale.

Ben is distraught from the death of Vivien. He tries to leave the house with his baby but he is distracted by crazy ass Hayden and then grabbed by the Murder House worshiping ghosts. They hang him from the ceiling fan and Constance takes the baby, who is named Michael.

The Ramos family moves into the House but the Harmons scare them away before they are murdered by the evil ghosts who reside there.

Tate tries to reconcile with Ben, but Ben isn’t trying to hear it. After all, Tate was responsible for the school massacre, he burned Larry, he killed Chad and Patrick, and he raped Viven. Ben brushes him off.

Tate tries to plead with Violet but she doesn’t want to be around him either. Poor Tate.

Fast forward, and we see Constance smiling at a three year old Michael. He has just killed his babysitter. I don’t know what’s up with Constance’s parenting skills, but she knows how to raise murderers. Maybe it’s because she’s a murderer too. Ok, I’ll go ahead and say it: The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. THE END, until next season!

Ryan Murphy, co-creator of the show, says Season 2 will take place in a new state, with a new house, and new characters. Some of the season 1 characters will return but he warns it will not be a direct continuation of the events that happened this year.

My hope: Constance decides to start fresh in a new house in a new state with baby Michael. Michael turns into a psycho-tot and starts killing people off. YES!

Moving on- I loved this season because each episode revealed a new surprise about one of the characters. I also enjoyed watching the back story of each ghost, especially the Black Dahlia. Mena Suvari did a great job with that role.

Initially I wrote off Violet as an angsty teenager, but eventually I began to love her scenes with Tate. Because she communicated with him so much I was shocked when I watched Episode 10 and found out 1) Violet is dead and 2) she died back in Episode 6, when she didn’t survive her suicide attempt.

How awesome that Tate was revealed as the Rubber Suit Man! First of all, the suit is kick-ass. Second, I loved watching Zachary Quinto as the snarky and tightly wound Chad. The scene where Chad went to the adult store to buy the suit was amusing.

Another shocking Tate moment was in the episode ‘Piggy Piggy’ where we see Tate enter his school’s library and hunt down each person who is hiding there. He looks each person in the eyes, pauses, and put a bullet in their head. Very scary and disturbing.

I wasn’t impressed with the Ben character, and it appeared as if the writer didn’t know what to do with him. At the beginning of the show he was a concerned father, a guilty husband, and a worried therapist who was trying to establish his business in a new city. As the show went along he started turning into an asshole. Maybe he was tired of Vivien giving him crap in every episode. And maybe he was tired of Larry bugging him. Then crazy ass Hayden showed up from Boston, then she died on the property, and now she’s trapped there forever. And Tate was after his daughter….ok, now I understand why he was so pissy!

Vivien was too passive aggressive and emotionally draining for me. All of her scenes were very exhausting to watch, except her birth scenes, which were painful to watch and listen to. I feel like all she did was whine, cry, and complain. Then the writers threw her in a mental hospital because they didn’t know what else to do with her. By getting rid of her though, that made room for more interesting storylines.

And to save the best for the last, I must talk about my favorite girl, Constance! Jessica Lange kicked ass in this role and she looked beautiful while doing it. She’s received a Best Supporting Actress nomination for the Golden Globes, and I really hope she wins it- she was the highlight of the show, in my opinion.

Constance killed her husband Hugo after she caught him with Moira, and she killed both of them. She buried Moira and then fed Hugo to the dogs. How scandalous! Then she had an affair with Larry, who is later burned by her son Tate. In episode 10 Larry confesses to murdering Travis (Constance’s boy toy) and he tells Constance that he can handle his punishment if Constance would say that she loves him. She gives him the Look of Death and walks off. Go girl!

I can’t wait to catch this series on DVD so I can re-watch it and look for clues and other small details that I missed the first time. I’m also hoping there will be some awesome DVD extras. I can’t wait!


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