I have not seen any of the Shrek movies. I’m not purposely avoiding them, but usually I stick to the following genres: slasher, horror, thriller, supernatural, documentary.

I rarely watch comedies, and even further down on my ‘to-watch’ list are kiddie movies. Well, except for ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’. I freaking love those movies. ANYWAYS.

Seeing a cat wearing boots and a cape was very amusing to me so I decided to watch the movie.

I loved it!!

The movie starts with Puss running away from a bounty hunter. He arrives in a town and learns about some magical beans that outlaws Jack and Jill have in their possession. He finds out where they’re hiding and he decides to steal the beans. Upon arrival he notices another stealthy cat wants the beans too. Jack and Jill chase the two cats away and an angry Puss engages in a swordfight and dance-off with the other kitty. Turns out she is Kitty Softpaws.

Throughout the movie Puss gets re-acquainted with Humpty Alexander Dumpty, an egg that he first met in an orphanage. Puss’ backstory is so cute and hilarious that it’s actually my favorite part of the movie. It shows how Puss acquires his signature outfit and tenacious nature, and it also explains why a bounty hunter was chasing Puss.

There’s an awesome action sequence that takes place in a canyon. In one wagon we have  Humpty, Kitty, and Puss as they aim to jump into Jack and Jill’s wagon and steal the magic beans. Supposedly once the beans are planted a huge beanstalk will grow into the clouds where one can find a castle and the golden eggs that lay within it.

The pursuit of these eggs creates some tension among the threesome. This movie teaches a good lesson about cherishing your friendships, and don’t let greed or jealousy cause you to turn your back on people who love you and support you. I know that probably sounds cheesy but in the movie it sounds cool!

I definitely plan to buy “Puss in Boots” when it comes out on DVD. Maybe I’ll pick up the Shrek movies too. Maybe.


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