Yes, this is a man in a rubber suit hovering over a woman who is pregnant and wearing sexy undergarments. If you are a faithful viewer of the show (like me!) this photo will make sense to you.

If you haven’t watched American Horror Story I strongly suggest you catch an FX marathon of the show, turn on all of the lights in your house and sit down for some evil delightfulness. New episodes of AHS air every Wednesday night at 10pm ET on FX. It’s an hour long.

Guess what? I learned something new today:

Turns out the guys behind AHS are Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck. They also gave unto the world some incredibly popular shows named ‘Glee’ and ‘Nip/Tuck’.

When I first heard about AHS I was worried because I didn’t understand how a show can carry a creepy, scary, and thrilling tone from one week to the next. This show proves it can be done.

Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton, and Taissa Farmiga respectively star as the Harmon family: Ben (husband and psychiatrist), Vivien (wife), and Violet (angsty teen daughter). The Harmons move from Boston to Los Angeles after struggling through a stillbirth and Ben’s subsequent affair. There’s a lot of hostility in the new L.A. home and it’s not just from the ghosts. Vivien is SUPER angry at Ben. I feel like Violet is the most underdeveloped character in the show: it’s established in the first episode that she’s the typical, angry teenager, and she says or does stupid emo things in every episode so it’s easy to ignore her.

After moving into their spacious mansion the Harmons learn two hard lessons: 1) the house is haunted,  and 2) the locals call it The Murder House. I’d hate to give up any details here because each spirit in the house has its own mini-storyline.

If “scary” isn’t your thing then this show is not for you. The ghost action and the creepy characters are on full assault in each episode and it rarely lets up. Pretty soon the show starts to blur the line between who is human and who is a ghost but I’m sure this will sort itself out by the season finale.

There’s a lot of supporting and recurring characters who often steal the show from the three Harmon characters. There’s Addie (Jamie Brewer) who lives next door to the Harmons and likes to invite herself into their home; Tate (Evan Peters) an emotionally unstable and destructive teen who is receiving psychiatric help from Ben and then develops an attachment to Violet; and Jessica Lange (left!) as Constance, who is Addie’s mother and an aging Southern Belle who has a violent past with the Murder House.

I think Jessica Lange is a shoo-in for an Emmy nomination. Her character Constance is flat out crazy. She is sexy and has a young boy toy to prove it. Don’t cross her because she WILL kill a bitch. And strangely enough sometimes she appears to be so sweet and charming that you would love to sit down and have a cup of coffee with her, but only if it’s in a public place. I love it! Go Jessica!

As I mentioned earlier, it’s not too late to catch up with the series. I think we’re about halfway through the season and if you can’t catch it on FX then run over to Hulu and see if the previous episodes are still there. This show is creepy, sexy, and entertaining overall so go check it out.


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